It's a perfomance folks!!  by Luciano G. Gerini  for CHAIN LETTER n# 5

Samsøn Projects Gallery, Boston USA  July 16th 2011 







Chain Letter is a group exhibition based on Admiration....



Chain Letter is a group exhibition based on Admiration. Initially conceived in Los Angeles in 2006 by Christian Cummings and Doug Harvey, the current exhibition curated by them for 2011 is on a much more ambitious scale with world wide venues participating. Inclusion in the exhibition is based on invitation by someone who admires your work. Each artist invited then invites ten other artists whom they admire, and so on, circulating for thirty days, at the end of which, all exhibitions, real and virtual, open on the 16th of July 2011.

This exhibition is rooted in the ideals of inclusion, and highlights the social nature of the art world.  It is the hope of the curators that the response will be vast and that the artists represented will be an exponential representation of all artists that are currently working and admired by their peers.

Chain Letter mimics communication today; and the way in which information is passed.  The outcome will be a testament to the power of connectivity within society at present.

The base camp exhibition is at the Shoshana Wayne Gallery Los Angeles. Other cities worldwide will be participating in the Chain Letter exhibition including New York City, London, Paris, Johannesburg, Philadelphia, Boston, Seoul.  See the official website with all venues listed: www.chainletter2011.com

Samson Projects
450 Harrison Ave and 29 Thayer Street
Boston, MA 02118

My work for CHAIN LETTER is a  QR code (Inkjet print on A4 size hard paper) scanning which with your smart phone or tablet you'll bgrought  on line to see a video of one of my performances  

( if you don't have a QR scanner you may see the performance typing http;//youtu.be/MX2yO3b6-3o ) :